Comparing Kerkizestan problem with Iran

Comparing Kerkizestan problem with Iran

Have you seen what is going on in Kerkizestan?

In the best situation that could happen in Iran last year, other wise a long term civil war was more possible.

Mr. Mousavi who was prim Minister for 8 years and in his time most of opposition has been killed and run away from Iran (like me) never criticize  himself. If incase he has been changed and become what it called a democrat person he had to start criticize himself at first, but he didn’t.

What has he started (with demonstration) last year was like that happened in Kerkizestan (few times) and the result of it comes now, starting civil war!

If that was not stopped in Iran last year then it certainly could be civil war and 1000 times more people could be killed.

Civil war in Iran can never compare with Afghanistan or Iraq.

Besides it could be longer and bigger war in the region and no country in the world could stop it. That could effect the whole world situation like as problem with oil export and dividing Iran in few countries.

Dividing Iran means that Iran can be divided to about 6 countries. One of them will be Kurdistan and that affect the neighboring countries. This is the one neither Turkey nor Syrian or Iraq wants. This is one of the reasons why turkey act against Israel and allowed sending ship to Gaza. Because even now Israel is in Iraq Kurdistan and interfering with the problem (in other word making problem), that is what Turkey doesn’t like and because of that has no other choose than working together with Iran.

This problem in Iran is not over and all politicians in the world should be careful about the sensibility of Iran for the region and the whole world. War in Iran can not stop only in Iran but even comes to many other countries over Middle East.

If you want to know what is really going on in the region? I have written about all that and what could be happened in the region, many years ago, you can find it in my site and asking your adviser to translate them from Persian.

June 15, 2010

Hassan Baygan

Uppsala – Sweden

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