About autonomy!

Israel, which intervenes directly around the world, including Iran, and organizes and arms people against the geopolitical and geopolitical integrity of these countries in order to dismantle it, why does it not respect the sovereignty of the people who occupy their homes, homes, and territories? And it opposes the formation of an independent Palestinian state that is not part of the territory confiscated by those people???

April 21, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

The Philosopher of the School

M. H. Baygan

Why the BBC’s stance against Israel is the same as the media of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Recently, and especially after the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, the BBC television has engaged in discussions with people such as the Islamic Republic, and if one of the guests says something that is a little to defend Israel, the moderator immediately takes him under the pressure of questions and twists him until he is completely in a bind.

I have been following these debates with curiosity for a while until Jiar Gul (BBC reporter), who was an expert in attacking Iran and suporting Israel, traveled to Israel after the bizarre Israeli attack on Iran two or three days ago, mocking Israel’s attack on Iran in that country, and also giving an interview with an Israeli government spokesman. This person, who is of Iranian origin (more than 90% of the present Jews are not original and their religion is Jews); and who speaks Persian thoroughly was completely disarmed in this interview outside the studio (in the open environment) and fell into such baseless nonsense that I had ever seen in less debate.

But was this way the BBC was strange and unexpected?

Why does the BBC do this?

Those who have read and understood my writing carefully must have understood the reason for this British act easily.

I wrote it earlier and said:

Zionist Jews took power from the kings of Europe in the last century and became world power. So they immigrated to the United States because there was no king there to rule over them, but rather these Jews themselves became kings without thrones.

For years now, Britain has been trying to return to world power, and in order to do so, it must take its revenge on the Zionist Jews, which means it must take power out of their hands. And Israel is a place to be demolished or even destroyed in the event of severe resistance.

And of course، in this way، from my book on Jesus Christ، which proved that he and his mother were not Jews، and that even the Bible stories and the instructions in the Bible were not from Jews؛ and my other writings are best used by some Christians.

The UK has the leadership of the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, etc.) and if it can get a part of the United States (the break-up of the Americas), then it hopes to become the world’s top power again. So there is an open and covert war between England and the wealthy Jews in the West who own Israel.

Read more in my previous posts and articles.

April 22, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

The Philosopher of the School

M. H. Baygan

Sweden, NATO, poverty!

Sweden was accepted into NATO this week, but since a few months ago, the costs of joining this bellicose union caused most of the cultural budgets to be cut.

Most shocking of all was the cutoff of aid to Sweden’s large national cultural institutions (studjeförbund), which almost every powerfull political party also has. According to the officials of these institutions, they will be closed in the next one or two years.

This is still the beginning. Soon we will see below the poverty line.

But the owners of the weapons factories will be richer and happier. The money (people’s taxes) that should be spent on people, including cultural works, is paid to the owners of weapons factories. These devils, with false propaganda about the possibility of war and attack on Sweden, actually made Sweden fall into this trap of war and poverty.

Getting richer at the cost of poverty and people’s blood!

Once upon a time, these rulers should be brought to court, all their wealth should be taken and they should be imprisoned for the crime of killing people. For now, they are hiding behind the so-called elected governments, but these governments are actually their servants, and the responsibility for all these crimes lies with this small group of ruling capitalists.

March 14, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

The philosopher of the school

M. Hassan Baygan

Checking the war situation in Ukraine…

Keeping people ignorant of the reality of war fronts is the biggest deception.

Several Iranian and Afghan individuals and groups investigate the war in Ukraine and other places, which are good. It seems to me that in the West, they do not investigate wars that are directly related to the economy and politics of their countries and the world.

For example, in this war research series that is presented almost every day, they are familiar with all regions and types of weapons and military forces of both sides and…

If there are those who can provide an example of this war research in the so-called democratic countries of the West, please let me know.

March 26, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

M. Hassan Baygan

False philosophers support false terms!

Several years ago, Iran and Saudi Arabia were well on their way to agreements that America and the West saw as being against their interests; especially the creation of an Islamic bank; So America dragged things to the stage of breaking the relationship between these countries and war in the region.

There are many examples of these ugly and inhuman works of the West, the most recent example of which is the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India, which was agreed between them years ago. But America (actually Israel, because Jews rule America) obstructed. Now that Pakistan is re-written based on the contract, it wants to start the pipeline; America (Israel, the master of America and the Americans) has started to threaten.

Relations between neighbors and dependence on each other bring peace, and this is not the desire of Zionist Jews, Freemasonry and churches in the West. They want war between people, especially neighbors.

At the very beginning, when the pipeline between Iran, Pakistan and India was discussed, I called it the peace pipeline. Because it connected them.

America wants the rest of the world to set a task for all countries, especially neighboring countries. Meanwhile, one of the most important methods of America is to use false terms to mislead public opinion and make people not realize his crimes, but even praise him.

Here the role of political philosophers becomes important. But because the West has been able to dominate the teaching system of world universities; Philosophers of weak countries follow the ideas of false Jewish Zionist philosophers who have ruled the West, repeat their anti-human words and are unable to criticize and negate these false political terms.

Those who follow my philosophy should take a stand against these anti-human movements and talks and false terms.

Note: America is a super modern colony under the rule of Zionist Jews and the American people are also slaves.

There is no freedom, democracy, human rights, etc. in any colony.

March 28, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

The philosopher of the school

M. Hassan Baygan

Take a look at the Polish president’s belligerent views!

According to the history of Judaism in Eastern Europe (see Arthur Kessler’s 13th Tribe), Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria found many Jews about a thousand years ago. Judaism is their religion and has no Jewish roots at all, just like the Jews of Iran and about 90 percent of the rest of the world’s Jews.

We also see that the greatest Zionist Jewish theorists (and of course the rich in the West) are the Jews of Poland. As a result, the roots of the Polish president’s positions can be easily understood.

31 Mars 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

Philosopher of the school

M. Hassan

Commentary on John Bolton’s Remarkable View on Trump!:

If Trump really withdraws from NATO, it will be such an earthquake in the West that will disrupt everything in the West and the world.

Poor opposition who do not know about these issues, and poorer those who go after these foolish people of the opposition.

The conversation is not just with Iranians, but even with Sweden and Finland and their people who have just joined NATO.

The United States and Europe are in total turmoil and very fragile.

31 mars 20224

Uppsala – Sweden

Philosopher of the school

M. Hassan Baygan

Military-political point:

Regarding Israel’s attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria.

American embassies around the world are like barracks full of soldiers and advanced weapons (they even proudly show it in movies). Israel is at the same level.

So everyone has the right to attack these two military barracks.

April 2, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

M. Hassan Baygan

Israel and the Zionist Jews are seeking World War III !!

I just read on Facebook that Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria.

My answer was:

Israel is trying hard to drag Iran into direct war, and perhaps the main goal of the Western Zionist Jews is to impose a world war. Because they are in the safest houses and shelters and will not be harmed.

We know that in severe crises, the big capitalists see the only solution to great wars with immense destruction; in the meantime, the deaths of tens of millions of people do not matter at all. This is where the true face of religious Jews (non-original or racial) is revealed, and because of this they create a deep hatred for Jews among the people of the world that we are witnessing today. But rich Jews, like the Rothschilds, Wallenbergs, etc. They know that they will not be harmed, but poor Jews, especially those who have not entered the secret Zionist Jewish organizations, will be destroyed/killed.

M. Hassan Bayegan

Now I saw the original news on the “EuroNews” website, and in addition to what I wrote there, I have to add the story of the war in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I wrote: Zionist Jews wanted to do the same thing to Ukraine as they did to Palestine and to make Ukraine another Israel.


These non-racial Jews in the United States and the West were and are mostly from Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and the surrounding countries. If they had made Ukraine as Israel II, they would have taken over the whole region and from there they would have ruled the whole world with power. But for whatever reason Russia had, this story was messed up and no longer applicable. Based on this point, it can be seen that after the Hamas attack on October 7, Israel used it as an excuse to either take over the entire region or enter a major world war with a genocide in Palestine.

If you look at my writings at the time (I was on a trip to Africa, but I was writing) you see, I saw the possibility of a great world war, if Iran just with the accompanying and authorization of Russia, which was in Syria, was using advanced weapons.

I pointed out that Israel has not had any doubts about the nuclear attack on Iran and the killing of several million ordinary citizens of Iranian cities, and has always been looking for a nuclear attack on Iran.

One should be aware that the guilt of all these crimes lies with the great Jewish and Christian Zionist capitalists ruling the West, and that they should be tried, condemned and punished, not ordinary people of the West who daily demonstrate against these policies but the rulers do not care.

Now Israel has been doing things many times to get Iran into direct war, and these shameless religious Jews whose history of crimes goes back centuries, will surely use the atomic bomb to kill millions of people, which I wrote years ago, and there is no doubt about it.

A military attack on an embassy is a direct attack on the territory of that country. In fact, it’s a declaration of war. But instead of a similar response, Iran should bring it to the United Nations and other international organizations.

In order to show the sensitivity of the incident, Iran should ask them what they say about the Iranian counterattack on the Israeli embassy in the region or any other country anywhere in the world.

And finally, the question arises:

Given the threat of an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, which Israeli government officials have repeatedly declared, should Iran be equipped with an atomic bomb to defend itself and prevent a world war that Israel and the Jews are causing?

Human, rational answer, yes.

The other thing is:

In such a critical situation for Iran and the world, the same regime ruling Iran, that is, Khamenei’s faction, is the best alternative and talk of democracy and … To the extent of such serious dangers, there are no more unrealistic and unrealistic words that are used by Israel to weaken Iran’s internal front in the hope that it can safely lead Iran into civil war and disintegration.

April 1, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

Philosopher of the school

M. Hassan Baygan

The recent armed terrorist attack by Israeli agents in Balochistan (Iran) and the killing of people is condemned.

Israel is not a real country, but the big Zionist Jewish capitalists illegally and inhumanely occupied it for big conspiracies (war, espionage and all kinds of crimes). And they continue the worst kind of inhuman killing. In the future, in a suitable situation, all the big Zionist capitalists (Jewish and Christian) who have supported these crimes should be tried and all the wealth they have gained from this inhuman way of killing and making people homeless should be taken from them.

There is no human-rational reason for Israel’s survival. History has judged Israel very badly.

April 4, 2024

Uppsala – Sweden

The philosopher of the school

M. Hassan Baygan