litter to EU Commission feb 2015

Till:                                                                                  Från:

European Commission                                                     M. Hassan Baygan

Director – general Justice                                                 Djäknegatan15-110

Directorate C: Fundamental rights and                              Uppsala- Sweden

Union citizenship                                                              530110-1217

Unit C1: Fundamental Rights and Rights

Of the child head of Unit


                                            22 Feb. 2016

About: Swedish Supreme Court decision Mål nr. 6839-15

I don’t accept Supreme Court decision

I reject court decision:

1-     They stamped me as a mad person (vanföreställningssyndrom) which is totally against ground law in Sweden and EU, and they refuse to prove it. That means they are scared because they made a mistake from beginning.                                                                                  OBS: All doctors say I have no psychological problem just a political problem with power, but the court in Sweden closes the eyes and ears. Why?

2-     The Police came to my apartment and tog my sports weapon and bullets and now they keep it silent and not talking about bullets. I want to beg your pardon because I am not jurist and can not used juridical legal word but in common when some one take some thing from others and then never excuse and keeping silent that means he is thief and has to be punished. Uppsala police did that and in other side man complain against thief to court but when the court not bothering about this! It means court is working with thief and what the court do is worse than that thief did. Because the court is supposed to keep law but when the courts breaks the law and is working with thief they have to be punished more than ordinary people who don’t know about law. That is a thing every body knows, but it seems the judge in court are the only one who don’t know it or have no respect for law or they are under pressure of intelligent service in this case the court in Sweden is not independent and it can not be called at curt of justice but court of injustice favourite of power.

3-     In this manner when police attack my home and kept me in another room I am suspicious they did lot of wrong and illegal.

I think one of most important law in EU is supporting human right and right of free speech. Now in Sweden the intelligence service (SÄPO) stop me (and even many more but most of them scared complaining) illegal

That is why Court decision is a political one with press from intelligence service (SÄPO) and is against 4 stones ground law and that is why you have to involve.

Until police and court are:

1-     Not listening to doctors who say I am not sick.

2-     They are silent about my bullets and in this case they counted as thief.

They have no right to judge me and sell my weapon. If in case they do it, they have no right to put that money in my account. I think those police which stole my bullets and  judge in supreme court Stockholm (Erik Nymansson and Ulla Pertuu) who supported the thief’s they are very poor and need that money and they can keep that money for itself.

With Regards


M. Hassan Baygan


Copy to: Uppsala police, Court in Sweden, International media or broadcasting. Swedish media, all politician e-mail address which I have in Sweden and around the world, all my e-mail address, in my face book, in my home page and many more.

I request each and every one to publish or sending to their address.

Thanking you

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